About Me

Hi! My name is Jen, and I’m an adventure-seeking fitness fanatic with a love for triathlons, writing, and the east coast. I’ve enjoyed a lot of unusual events over the years including Tough Mudders, GORUCK Challenges, a crazy half marathon in the middle of the woods, and so on. But, I smile during all of the quiet training days just as much. Always remember to be grateful 🙂

IMG_2397 468860_3905248946338_2060311438_o Boxing 7 IMG_3252


My entire philosophy on health revolves around maintaining mental, physical, and spiritual balance.  That means going after all the exciting things that life has to offer, but remembering to have fun throughout the process. Ultimately, I want to encourage others to push past their limits and never let fear stand in the way. “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.” Welcome to my blog, I hope you’ll enjoy your stay 🙂

Got Comments, Questions, Feedback, or just want to say hi? Email Me! jentoyourhealth[at] gmail [dot] com



  1. I love the snowy/muddy picture (and that everyone is wearing shorts)… where is that?

    • Thank you! That was from a Tough Mudder at Mt. Snow in Vermont. Super fun day 🙂

  2. Wil

    Good on your Jen! A true athlete who consumes a plant based diet and still can be competitive in the fitness arena. Keep beating those meat eaters!

    • Thanks, Wil! Just trying to do what I love while staying compassionate 🙂

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